Oral Presentation Guidelines

Oral presenters must provide slides in PowerPoint or PDF format for a 30 minute presentation. The 30 minute timeslots include presentation and audience Q&A session.

Disclaimer: Presentation material is available for public consumption. No proprietary or for official use only material may be presented.

Tips for Preparing Your Presentation



DTRA-funded research must be marked on either the first or last slide.



Avoid using small fonts. In general, 28 point and larger fonts are easily readable.

Avoid fancy serifs; bolded characters are suggested.



Graphics should be well designed, simple and readable.



Session rooms will be set up for 300 people. Make sure visuals are clear and legible. Screen format for projectors in session rooms is 16:9 aspect ratio.  The default slide size in PowerPoint 2013 and 2016 is widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio).

Computer and Audio/Visual Equipment

Each session room will be equipped with a Windows PC, projector and screen. A slide advancer, laser pointer, speaker timer and microphone (lavaliere and podium) are available to each presenter.

Presentations with Media Clips

  • PC Users: WMV file format is the best way to ensure compatibility within PowerPoint. MPEG and AVI formats are not recommended.
  • Mac Users: Quicktime movies (MOV file format) do not play directly within a slide in PowerPoint on a PC. You can hyperlink to the files and open the links in a separate video player window. Alternatively, the conference team recommends you convert the file to a WMV format, which should play properly in PowerPoint slides.

It is highly recommended to test your presentation onsite at the presentation upload station prior to your speaking time.

Mobile Conference

New for 2017 CBD S&T Conference App

2017 was the first year with our conference app. Registered attendees were able to easily follow the daily schedule and locate parallel sessions right from their phones. The app was a big success!      DTRA YouTube       DTRA DVIDS      CBD S&T 2015 Conference   Website powered by Navar, Inc.