Special Session Presentations

Doing Business with DTRA: For Government, Industry, Small Business and Academia
Mr. Mark DeGroodt, Ms. Elizabeth Braxton, Mr. Larry Pollack
Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Doing Business with the JPEO
Mr. Gary Wright, Mr. Al Burket, Mr. Tim Belski
Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense 
Overview of the Department of Defense’s Advanced Development and Manufacturing (DoD ADM) Facility
Mr. Tim Belski, Dr. Robert House
Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense and Ology Bioservices
Minority Serving Institutions and DoD Working Together to Combat WMD
Dr. Alison Director-Myska, Mr. Adam Seiple, Dr. Yeoheung Yun, Mr. Michael Heste
Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, NC A&T State University, MSI Research & Development Consortium

Parallel Session Presentations

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Presentation DayPresentation TimeRoomPresenter First NamePresenter Last NamePresenter OrganizationTitleTopicDownload
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W1700-1730Rm 101JohnArcherUS Environmental Protection Agency 219 - Fogging of Sporicidal Liquids for Bacillus Anthracis Spore Inactivation – Laboratory Tests and Field Demonstration 03 - Advances in Hazard Mitigation Download
T1430-1500Rm 103GloryAvinaSandia National Laboratories, California134 - Wearables At The Canyon for Health (WATCH) Study: Early Predictive Indicators of Fatigue and Performance11 - Wearable Physiological Monitoring Technologies for Earlier Warning of Health Changes Download
Th1000-1030Rm 104CNicholasBackesIowa State University801 - Development of a Dual CRISPR Interference System as a Means to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacteria40 - Using Synthetic Biology to Develop Novel Therapies and Understand Threats Download
W1700-1730Rm 103CameronBallSandia National Laboratories939 - Smart Trap for Autonomous Monitoring of Mosquito-Borne Viruses09 - Biosurveillance Ecosystem (BSVE) Download
Th1400-1430Rm 104AVikhyatBebartaUniversity of Colorado985 - Efficacy of Intramuscular Cobinamide in a Swine Model of Severe Hydrogen Sulfide Poisoning: A Prospective Trial06 - Animal Models for Chemical Agent Toxicity and Medical Countermeasure Development Download
W1400-1430Rm 104BBrianBennionLawrence Livermore National Laboratory458 - Development and Optimization of a Blood-Brain Barrier Permeable AChE Reactivators28 - Novel Approaches to Medical Countermeasures to Chemical Warfare Agents Download
W1700-1730Rm 104CHansBernsteinPacific Northwest National Laboratory638 - Living Chemical Event Detectors Engineered from Self-regulating Gene Circuits in Non-traditional Microbial Hosts36 - Synthetic Biology for Novel Networks Download
W1500-1530Rm 104BStephanieBesterUniversity of Georgia521 - Structural Insights of Stereo Specific Inhibition of Human Acetylcholinesterase by VX and Subsequent Reactivation by HI-628 - Novel Approaches to Medical Countermeasures to Chemical Warfare Agents Download
Th1500-1530Rm 104BGeorgeBieberbachAeris874 - A Methodology for the Testing and Evaluation of Aerosol Remote Sensing Technologies Using Ensembles of Realistic Transport and Dispersion Simulations 01 - A Modeling & Simulation Framework for Comprehensive CBDP Decision Support Download
Th930-1000Rm 104BLisa CazaresUS. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases960 - Characterization of the Plasma Proteomic Response During EBOV Infection in Rhesus Macaques16 - Host-Based Biomarkers for Early Diagnosis of Exposure or Infection Download
W1030-1100Rm 104BPatrickChainLos Alamos National Laboratory547 - A Web-Based Next-Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics Analysis Platform for the Masses26 - Next Generation Sequencing for Biodefense Applications Download
W1600-1630Rm 103LaurenCharlesPacific Northwest National Laboratory553 - Intern-Based BSVE Application Development Contest09 - Biosurveillance Ecosystem (BSVE) Download
W1430-1500Rm 102MangeshChaudhariSandia National Laboratories898 - Generalized Antitoxin; Hijacking Exotoxin Translocation Machinery10 - Broad Spectrum Medical Countermeasures against Biological Toxins Download
T1530-1600Rm 102PengChenUniversity of Arizona707 - Development of a Vertical Flow Paper-Based Immunoassay (VFI) for Multiplexing Detection of Tier I Bio-threat Agents 14 - Field-Forward Diagnostics Download
T1600-1630Rm 104ALillianChiangFORGE Life Science LLC900 - Targeting Host-cell Metabolism to Address Multiple Intracellular Pathogens23 - Medical Countermeasures to Address Intracellular Bacterial Pathogens Download
Th1430-1500Rm 104BJamesChristleyDefence Science & Technology Laboratory417 - How Many Sensors? Using the Sensor Placement Tool to Support Acquisition01 - A Modeling & Simulation Framework for Comprehensive CBDP Decision Support Download
W1100-1130Rm 103JamesChristleyDefence Science & Technology Laboratory421 - Impact of a CB Event on Tactical Warfighting – Development of Modelling Tools to Support Analysis29 - Operational Effects and Risk Analysis Download
Th1500-1530Rm 103VeeradejChynwat ENSCO686 - Degrade: Updates of HPAC/JEM Environmental Fate Module for Chemicals and Biological Threats15 - Hazard Prediction and Warning Download
W1030-1100Rm 104CMarkColganU.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC)433 - ACORNS UAV Remote Sensing of Chemical and Biological Plumes32 - Real Time Autonomous Reconnaissance Download
W1630-1700Rm 103JenniferCorbinGryphon Scientific85 - Disease Outbreak Risk Assessment (DORA) BSVE App09 - Biosurveillance Ecosystem (BSVE) Download
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