today's innovation, tomorrow's warfighter capabilites
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NOVEMBER 28-30, 2017


2017 Chemical and Biological Defense
Science & Technology Conference

The 2017 Chemical and Biological Defense Science & Technology (CBD S&T) Conference was a resounding success. The conference offered the opportunity to review the latest and most dynamic developments in basic and applied scientific research within the chemical and biological defense arena. Attendees collaborated with more than 1,300 scientists, program managers and leaders from across the globe who are committed to making the world safer by confronting chemical and biological defense challenges. Attendees also had the opportunity to network with DTRA science and technology managers as well as other members of DTRA’s Chemical and Biological Defense team. The conference allowed participants to explore “Today’s Innovation, Tomorrow’s Warfighter Capabilities.”

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Join the most innovative and influential members of the chemical and biological defense community at the premier chem/bio defense conference! By exploring the potential of today’s technologies and the emerging threats of tomorrow, CBD S&T Conferences offer important experiences for anyone committed to improving our world through chem/bio defense.

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I enjoyed the overview on day 1 and then getting a better understanding of what DTRA funds by attending sessions.
Great keynote speakers that were really engaging and imparted excitement for future research.
The ability to bring in a large number of people focused on similar topics to allow them to interact and foster discussions and possible collaborations.
The venue was excellent, atmosphere was great.
Learning about ongoing research and meeting colleagues conducting the work. This allows for a much better understanding of the intricacies of the work than reading a paper.
This was the best conference (discussions, contacts made, smooth running, etc) I have ever attended in 30 years in uniform.
Mobile Conference

New for 2017 CBD S&T Conference App

2017 was the first year with our conference app. Registered attendees were able to easily follow the daily schedule and locate parallel sessions right from their phones. The app was a big success!      DTRA YouTube       DTRA DVIDS      CBD S&T 2015 Conference   Website powered by Navar, Inc.