Poster Instructions

Poster Instructions

The 2019 CBD S&T Conference will include two poster sessions. Poster presenters will display their posters throughout the conference and will present either during Poster Session I on Tuesday, November 19 from 1630–1830 or Poster Session II on Wednesday, November 20 from 1600-1800.

Poster presenters should submit their presentation in advance of the conference to be cleared for public release. Notifications with presentation upload instructions have been sent to presenting authors. No proprietary or For Official Use Only (FOUO) material will be presented. Please contact if with any additional questions.

Display Instructions

Each poster presenter will have a 4 ft. high by 8 ft. wide space on a free-standing board to display their posters. Push-pins will be provided.

Tips for Preparing Your Presentation

Utilize Space


Occupy at least 50 percent of the 4-ft. by 8-ft. space.



Use a minimum of 16 point font size.



Include at least one visual element (chart, photograph, graphic or image).


Poster presenters are required to:

  • Manage and present their posters for the duration of their poster session
  • Poster presenters making multiple presentations can bounce between posters
  • Keep their posters displayed for the full time outlined below

Poster Presentation Day and Numbers

Visit the agenda tab on September 10, click poster listing for poster presentation day.

Poster numbers are not final until onsite at the conference. Posters numbers will be printed on the back of conference badges for quick access onsite.

Poster Session Times

Tuesday, November 19: 1630–1830

Wednesday, November 20: 1600-1800

Procedure and Schedule for Hanging and Removing Posters

To locate your assigned poster number, find the poster board marked with the corresponding poster number located on the poster agenda.

Poster Session I Setup
Monday, November 18: 1400-1800

Poster Session I Removal
Tuesday, November 19 1630-2000
All posters must be removed by 2000

Poster Session II Setup
Wednesday, November 20: 0800-1200

Poster Session II Removal
Thursday, November 21: 0800-1200
All posters must be removed by 1200

Poster Shipping

If shipping posters, it is highly recommend to send directly to your hotel and hand carry to the convention center. Do not ship any posters to the convention center.p>