2015 Chemical and Biological Defense Science and Technology (CBD S&T) Conference

Finding Tomorrow’s Solutions in Today’s Environment

2015 Chemical and Biological Defense Science and Technology (CBD S&T) Conference

Exchange, Interact, and Engage

Exchange ideas, interact with elite researchers, and engage with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) during the 2015 Chemical and Biological Defense Science and Technology (CBD S&T) Conference. DTRA, executing the Joint Science and Technology Office function within the Chemical and Biological Defense Program, will host the 2015 CBD S&T Conference in St. Louis, Missouri at the America’s Center Convention Complex on May 12-14, 2015. Join DTRA in Finding Tomorrow’s Solutions in Today's Environment during this notable event.

The 2015 CBD S&T Conference offers attendees the opportunity to examine the best, newest, and most dynamic developments in basic and applied research within the chemical and biological defense landscape. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with other researchers concerning the medical and physical sciences related to chemical and biological defense. Attendees will also be able to network with DTRA science and technology managers and other members of the chem-bio technologies team.

Through keynote, oral, and poster presentations, the conference will address key areas of foundational research, including:

  • Novel Threat and Disruptive Chemical and Biological Discovery;
  • Dynamic Functional Materials;
  • Applied Mathematics and Innovative Computational Tools;
  • Flexible Design, Synthesis and Manufacturing; and
  • Systems Biology and Engineering

Plus areas of increased focus, including:

  • Disease Surveillance, Characterization and Point of Need Diagnostics;
  • Adaptive Medical Therapeutics and Technologies;
  • Rapid Response and Recovery Science and Technology; and
  • Threat Activity Sensing and Reporting

Student Scholarships

The 2015 CBD S&T Conference will provide 20 scholarships for students to attend and present their research. This scholarship program is a great opportunity for students to participate in the conference and learn about current research in the chemical and biological defense program.

To be considered for one of the 20 scholarships, students must submit an abstract and be selected to present their work in one of the conference sessions. Selection of scholarships will be based on review of eligible abstracts. The scholarship will cover transportation, lodging, and meals (per diem) for the conference.

Additional details will be provided directly to the scholarship recipients.

Join DTRA in learning more about science and technology in the Department of Defense Chemical and Biological Defense Program!

Why Should I Attend?

Premier Event

  • Be part of a premier event that combines and showcases the latest developments in the Medical and Physical Science disciplines of chemical and biological defense simultaneously.
  • The 2011 Chemical and Biological Defense Science and Technology (CBD S&T) Conference brought together more than 1,700 attendees, with nearly 200 oral presentations, six keynote speakers and 700+ posters. Be part of what we hope to be an even more-expanding venue for your ideas!
  • Engage with presenters and attendees
  • Learn about key issues in the Chem Bio Defense industry as a whole (and your area of interest in particular) as seen by leading researchers.

Business Opportunities

  • DTRA invests in transformational technologies to save and improve lives.
  • DTRA pursues research opportunities with small and disadvantaged business entities as well as industry, academia and national laboratories.
  • Learn about current and upcoming research opportunities and interact with DTRA science and technology managers, small business representatives, contracting officers, and program managers.

Learning Opportunities

  • Participate in keynote, platform, and poster presentations on current developments in chemical and biological defense research.
  • Interact with other researchers and DTRA science and technology managers.
  • Take home knowledge and skills that apply to your profession.

Networking Opportunities

  • Previous conferences attracted more than 1,700 attendees. Exchange with many peers you may not otherwise be able to. Conference agenda provides ample opportunities for attendees to interact.
  • Interact with other researchers, organizations and universities addressing the same key issues you’re facing in your research.
  • Gain insight into the experiences of others who face challenges similar to yours.
  • Forge partnerships with colleagues who address key common issues/concerns.
  • Engage with leaders in the field.
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